Organize a one-day seminar or a residential seminar in an unusual location. It’s good for business !

In response to the need for freedom, adventure and a return to the roots, Village Flottant offers companies a unique package:

  • bring their employees together in an atypical working environment
  • enjoy a classic or original catering offer (floating grill)
  • sleep either in huts on the water or in lodges equipped with all mod-cons !

During your seminar, you can also enjoy
unusual activities:

Team building games: boat races, mimes, etc.

Other activities are available by reservation:

Falconry: a unique environment

Falconry is a very ancient art that consists of capturing wild prey in its natural environment, by means of a bird trained for this purpose. Today, this art is listed as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Archery: a precision sport

Archery is a sport of dexterity but above all, of precision ! On classic targets or targets imitating wild animals, you can discover this sport and perfect your sense of precision in complete safety!

The cani-rando: a walk with a kick!

This sporting activity consists of a walk where participants are “pulled” by a dog, a real Siberian Husky. The Cani-rando activity allows you to develop a real bond with the dogs; a rapport is created as you walk along in a natural and preserved environment. An activity full of life and pleasure!

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