Are floating huts suitable for children?

Of course! The family huts “accessible with footbridge and/or pontoon” can welcome children without a minimum age. The “boat-accessible” huts welcome children from the age of 4, provided they can swim. The age of the children is calculated according to their birthday and the start date of the stay. An official document proving the age of the children may be requested at the beginning of the stay. For children, as for adults, it is necessary to know how to swim.

Are the Lodges suitable for children?

Yes ! The little ones are of course under the responsibility of the parents but the lodges are accessible by a small easy staircase of 4 to 5 steps !

Why are there strict arrival times ?

The floating huts are unusual accommodation and we must give you a safety briefing before you leave by boat to reach your hut. In order to ensure that this organization can take place in complete serenity, our skippers are obligated to organize the departures and we ask you to help them by respecting the arrival times that you have chosen.

What happens if we miss my scheduled departure time? Will we still be able to go to our floating hut?

Of course! We will plan your new departure as best as we can, during the next time slot.

Can I give a night in a floating hut or lodge as a gift voucher?

You can purchase your gift voucher online by clicking on the Gift Voucher/Special Offer menu on our website and make your choice, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The gift voucher will be sent to you by email or by mail depending on your choice. The recipient of your gift voucher can also use it to make a reservation directly on the internet. The price does not appear on the gift voucher, so you can give it directly.

You can also send us a letter to
Village Flottant de Pressac Etang du Ponteil
86 460 PRESSAC
Specifying the type of hut chosen, your address and telephone number as well as the address and telephone number of the persons to whom you are gifting the Gift Voucher.

Please also enclose your payment. Upon receipt of your mail, we will send you the “gift voucher”. For gift vouchers other than those offered on the internet, please contact our team directly by e-mail at info@village-flottant-pressac.com, specifying what you want, and our team will contact you very quickly.

What time do we have to leave the floating hut or lodge on the day of our departure?

You should leave your floating hut by 11am at the latest, on the morning of your departure date. You must then return the bagpack you were given upon arrival, to the Capitainerie (Reception).

Can we come and go from our floating hut as we please?

You have your own boat, so you are independent in your movements. In the boats, you should always respect the safety instructions and not make any noise that could disturb the other sailors and seamens. On land, as in your hut, you must attach your boat to the hooks provided for this purpose.

Do we have to be athletic to go to a floating hut?

It is not necessary to be athletic, the experience is more exotic than physical. To reach the huts accessible by boat, you will of course have to row, but the effort requires skill rather than strength!

Do we need special clothes to go to the floating huts?

A simple and comfortable outfit is sufficient! Bring a change of shoes for walking in the hut.

How do we get to the floating huts with our luggage?

As your hut is accessible by boat, take only the bare essentials for your night. You might as well go light! We advise you to do the same for your hut accessible by footbridge.

How can we eat on site?

Inside Village Flottant, we offer 3 types of catering: our meal baskets delivered to your hut or lodge, our grill meals in our floating hut restaurants, and finally La Marina, the traditional restaurant of the Village.

The floating hut breakfast is delivered every morning to the terrace of your hut.

Can we bring a dish warmer to prepare our own meal?

It is strictly forbidden to cook in the hut, to bring heating equipment and to use lamps and candles other than those we will have given you on your arrival. Except of course your personal battery powered torch, which you may have brought with you.

What do you call floating hut restaurants ?

A little floating restaurant all to yourself! This is an exclusive feature of Village Flottant! It gives you the possibility to privatise a platform in the middle of the pond, in the shape of a “small restaurant”, for you and your family and/or friends (max. 8 people) to have lunch or dinner. You will be seated in a circle around a plancha-grill where you will prepare your own meal. To be enjoyed in a friendly atmosphere in the middle of the water!

What about the beds?

They are simply soft, spacious and comfortable. With a width of 140cm by 200cm for the double beds in the duo huts and a width of 160cm by 200cm for the double beds in the family huts, they are perfect for a great night’s sleep! All our single beds are 80cm wide by 190cm long.

Is a sleeping bag necessary?

On your arrival, sheets will be given to you and blankets will be available in the hut. For the more sensitive to cold, in spring and autumn, you can bring an extra sleeping bag if you wish. Think of a nightcap when the nights are cool.

Can we charge our mobile phones in the floating hut?

Yes, you will be able to charge your mobile phone with a few watts of solar power, which is totally ecological. We ask you to arrive with a charged phone to avoid disappointment if the solar battery in the hut is still charging. Just to be sure.

How do dry toilets work?

The process is exactly the same as that of a normal toilet. It is simply a wooden toilet, shaped like a box, into which biodegradable plastic bags with sawdust are put. The bags are then used to make compost. To protect the environment, no water or chemicals are used. However, at the Capitainerie, conventional sanitary facilities with toilets and showers are available.

Will we be able to take a shower?

The Capitainerie is equipped with all modern conveniences and you can, if you wish, take a shower there.

The Lodges have their own bathroom, with toilet, shower and sink.

Do you have parking for cars?

Village Flottant has a car park where you can leave your car. In the village you can walk or cycle, and of course you can go boating. From one point to another, the distances are short enough to move around easily.

Parking spaces for the lodges are specifically identified and reserved for their tenants.

Are floating huts built on stilts?

Each hut is a floating hut, without stilts, moored at several points on the bottom of the water. You will be the captain and your family or friends will be the crew, in a real floating hut!

Are there many mosquitoes in the summer?

Although it is a wetland, there are not particularly more mosquitoes here than elsewhere. In any case, citronella or summer bug spray is always available at the harbour office shop.

Are pets allowed in Village Flottant?

Unfortunately, we cannot welcome our animal friends for health and safety reasons.